Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New digs for this blog

Just like our understanding of evolution has continued to explode over the past few years, and the dialog around evolution has changed in some respects in the Central Valley, this blog too has continued to... well, evolve over the past several years. I am gratified to find that this space has attracted a fair number or visitors over the course of its existence. What began as an experiment in teaching evolution, a sandbox even for students, has evolved and matured into a forum for the Consortium for Evolutionary Studies on our campus, and I continue efforts to involve more of my colleagues involved in communicating via this medium. A part of that process, we have to deal with some of the constraints of Blogger, especially in ease of use for busy scientists who don't have a lot of time to learn the nuances of blogging platforms. Therefore we have moved over to Posterous as a much easier platform - what could be easier than email for most anybody, right? - and it is time to retire this blogspot site. Time to moult, as it were, and take on a new skin! And here it is:

Please update your bookmarks/rss feeds to point to the new blog at our own domain:

Visit us there and leave feedback if you have thoughts about what works or doesn't in the new skin of this blog. I will see you all there!



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