Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Midterm will be @ Testing Center

This is an administrative note for students taking the BioSc 180 class this spring - if you are not one of them, please ignore this post!

I've decided to use the new Testing Center for the midterm exam scheduled for this week, and will have more specific instructions for you soon. Basically, the exam will be available at the new Center located at Family and Food Science, Room 210, for 3 days, starting on Monday, Feb 25 to Wednesday Feb, 27. Given the logistics of getting everything set up there, I'm pushing back the start of the exam period to Monday instead of this Friday, so you get the weekend to prepare as well (and I suspect none of you mind that!).

We will have regular lecture as scheduled on Friday at noon, so I'll see you then. Meanwhile, you will hear from me electronically with more details on the exam logistics.



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