Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Superbug Nightmare - on Nightline tonight

I don't know how many of you students watch ABC's Nightline (after all, it competes with Leno and Letterman!), but even if you are not in the habit - and especially if you are thinking about writing your term paper on this or a related topic - you might want to watch/TiVo it tonight (11:35 Pm on our local Channel 30), because it promises a segment on antibiotic resistant bacteria! A highly relevant evolutionary topic in the mainstream media can't really be missed now, can it? Well, let's see how much evolution they talk about... at least the accompanying article on their website contains the e-word twice! Here's a blurb about what's on for tonight:

Killer "Superbug"

MRSA is a million-year-old bacterium that kills 19,000 Americans a year, claiming more lives in the US than even AIDS. Though once confined mainly to hospitals, the bacterial infection is now increasingly common outside of medical facilities. Once contracted, MRSA is hard to treat because it's resistant to most antibiotics. ABC's Vicki Mabrey reports on the fight against this "superbug."
And you can also watch a somewhat cheesy "promotional" video if you like.
[From ABC News: 'It's Everywhere': Superbug Nightmare]



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