Thursday, September 4, 2008

Post Labor Day Carnivals!

If you are looking for some good evolutionary reading material as you continue readjusting to the start of the new school year, head on over to En Tequila es Verdad for the Labor Day edition of the The Tangled Bank. Some interesting links there, including one to my own post on magnetic cows. And you can find the earlier summer editions of this carnival by clicking on the badge to the right.

Sycamore Canyon has the artsy-fartsy 82nd edtion of I and the Bird, following up on Seabrooke's art gallery approach to showcase the 81st edition.

Let me also, belatedly, note that while I was away on the road trip to Oregon, the 18th edition of Oekologie was hosted by Seeds Aside. Oekologie is yet to find the next ring-master, however, so I'm a bit concerned about its future. If it hadn't been the start of a new semester, I might have hosted it again - but I hope someone else steps up, and soon, for I'm sure you'll find this carnival worthwhile too.

And don't miss the 2nd edition of the Giant's Shoulder, the new monthly event focusing entirely on classic papers in science, hosted by the Lay Scientist.

Now even this little sampling of the many blog carnivals featuring biology should keep you happily occupied and out of trouble for some time! And the next editions of these excellent carnivals will be here pretty soon as well (and I'll try to keep you posted on those intermittently as always), although by that time you might well be distracted by Spore!! If so, happy evolving - and don't forget to let me know how well the game's mechanisms of evolution correspond to what has been documented in the real world.



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