Monday, March 9, 2009

Dawkins on those who would expel him from Oklahoma

In these hard and worsening economic times, one would think that politicians and state legislatures have their hands full with a huge number of serious issues to deal with. Instead, one congressman in Oklahoma is upset about a mild-mannered English (as in from England, not of) professor visiting a state campus to deliver a lecture! Who might that professor be? Why Richard Dawkins, of course, who got State Representative Thomsen upset enough to propose a formal resolution to condemn Dawkins' visit to University of Oklahoma last friday! Really?! So what did the good professor have to say when he did arrive in the good state? Watch:

Meanwhile, as Dawkins' US tour continues, even into the heart of the bible belt as in this case - we here at Fresno State have something else to look forward (backward?) to: Ben Stein is coming to campus next week! Yes!! That's who is the featured guest this month in the University Lecture Series! Weep, my fellow Darwin's Bulldogs... and if you do go to his talk, please ask him who is being "Expelled" from academia, exactly?

Hat-tip: OneGoodMove



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