Monday, April 6, 2009

The Bad Astronomer insists: Science IS imagination

Here's an excellent read this spring break week, when you may take a step back from all those little details from science you've been studying all semester, and take a look at the big picture! What is Science, really? How does it enrich human existence? Here's what the Bad Astronomer has to say, in response to yet another article equating science with religion and ideology:

People don’t understand science.

And I don’t mean that your average person doesn’t understand how relativity works, or quantum mechanics, or biochemistry. Like any advanced study, it’s hard to understand them, and it takes a lifetime of work to become familiar with them.

No, what I mean is that people don’t understand the process of science. How a scientist goes from a list of observations and perhaps a handful of equations to understanding. To knowing.

And that’s a shame, because it’s a beautiful thing. It’s not mechanical, not wholly logical, and not plodding down a narrow path of rules and laws.

[via Science IS imagination | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine]

I often wonder how many of our students get this? Are we doing a decent job of conveying this beauty of science and the scientific process? Would any of you students care to chime in?



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