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Night at the Creation Museum

I found this video via Pharyngula:


Herman Cummings June 6, 2007 at 7:22 PM  

Previously, an article was written about "The Pending Marriage of Science and Genesis".
That, and the article even previous to that (The Divorce of Science From Humanism)
were forerunners to this culmination. After more than fifteen years of rejections by other
publishers, the revelation of the truth of Genesis will now be available for all to examine.

The book promotes "Biblical Reality", which states that Genesis, written by Moses, was
never about Creation (Week). Moses had written down (perhaps by one or more
designated scribes) what God had revealed to him while he was with God on Mt. Sinai in
1598 BC. Creationism and theology have mistakenly believed that Moses was writing
about how our Earth & universe were created, but not so. God revealed to Moses seven
defined geological ages of the historical past to Moses. Even Moses didn't understand
what he saw, but he just had it written down for later generations to learn and perhaps
someday understand. That final understanding would not occur until December 1993,
being about 3,604 years later. How timeless is the Word of God?

Unfortunately, creationism and theology have not done their homework, and continue to
teach false doctrines, namely "young Earth" beliefs (Creation Science), theistic evolution
("Reasons to Believe"), long creation days ("Day-Age" theories), and Ruin & Restoration
("Gap" theories) doctrines. Every single one of them are in error, including "progressive
creationism", and are a misrepresentation of the Genesis text. The "Bible believing
community" can either jump on board with the truth of Genesis, or stand on the sidelines,
and continue promoting their own proven false teachings.

However, there is another "front" that this book is doing battle against, which is the insanity of secular science concerning our origins and prehistoric history of our Earth and
universe. Our creation occurred 4.57 billion years ago (according to the science of
geology), completing in six days (Exodus 20:11), with God "resting" on the seventh day
of a 168 hour week. But God did not reveal that week to Moses. God revealed only one
day from Creation Week, and one day each from the first week of the six following
geological ages of mankind. The seven days which were revealed to Moses (aka "the
Observations of Moses") were not revealed in chronological order, but in what's called
"Biblical Order", which any theologian or "bible scholar" worth their salt should be able
to ascertain. Here is where the current ignorance of mainstream theology will be made known for all to see.

To preview what the book (“Moses Didn’t Write About Creation!!”) shall convey, go to:
There, it will keep you abreast of when the book will be available, and how to obtain a
copy. In the book, the true “Origin of Satan” is revealed. Also, comprehensive coverage
of the “Extra-Celestial Civil War” (aka “the war in Heaven”) is given, what brought it
about, when it ended, and why Satan was allowed to do his evil deeds in this universe.

It is a given that secular science shall at first criticize the work, calling it "a new attempt
to harmonize science with religious literature". Afterwards, they may try to call it "a
convenient coincidence". But what will the worlds of current creationism and theology
do? Close ranks, "get on board" and accept the truth, or remain defiant and criticize from
the sidelines, as the Sanhedrin did in 27 AD?

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