Friday, January 25, 2008

Your new gateway to peer-reviewed science

After several months of experimentation at creating a central clearinghouse for blog commentaries on peer-reviewed scientific papers, the BPR3 team has just launched a new site Research Blogging. Along with ScienceBlogs, this just might become one of your first stops on the science-information superhighway. Imagine having your own cadre of "docents" to introduce you to and help you interpret serious peer-reviewed research across the spectrum of scientific research! Well, you don't have to imagine it - for this is exactly what this site provides.

Do you like to read about new developments in science and other fields? Are you tired of "science by press release"? Research Blogging is your place. Research Blogging allows readers to easily find blog posts about serious peer-reviewed research, instead of just news reports and press releases.

And for you students contemplating writing your own critiques/commentaries of peer-reviewed research, Research Blogging just might have that spark of inspiration to get you going. And you also have the opportunity of becoming part of this valuable community of science messengers by having your blog posts featured there!



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