Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Those disorganized cellular filing cabinets we call chromosomes

Dear readers who were subjected to last night's dumb version of science, your reeducation must begin now, starting with the basics! And, by an amazing coincidence, there happens to be an excellent new post on Pharyngula today, addressing a basic question: how can chromosome numbers change? Go read it, and bookmark it for future reference. If you haven't yet had someone throw that question at you as a "gotcha" about how new species couldn't possibly evolve, you will likely find it flying at you one of these days - and if you read this post, you'll be ready!

PZ makes the nucleus sound rather like my office: lots of disorganized information stashed in bundles everywhere... I need a linkage map to find stuff; or perhaps I could just induce some mutations to make chunks of it go away or something! You better hope I don't end up with rearrangements of your term papers, eh? Might be entertaining, though... :-)

[From Pharyngula: Basics: How can chromosome numbers change?]



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