Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Everybody's Darwin

Charles Darwin image for cut outNature has a special issue and website celebrating Darwin this week. The lovely cover portrait claims Darwin for all of us. Here on campus, we will have a more intimate opportunity to claim Darwin for ourselves, at our birthday party & reception tomorrow afternoon. We can all have our pictures taken with Charlie, courtesy of Carl Buell who has painted and, very generously, shared with us this life-size portrait of Darwin. Our own Dr. Schreiber and members of the Biology Club will have the portrait and a digital camera available tomorrow afternoon, and invite you to come and have your picture taken! All photos will be made available to you electronically, and posted on Flickr as well. Join us in making Darwin our own!

In the meantime, watch this interview where Sir David Attenborough talks about Darwin. I'll add some more interviews shortly.

And here's a preview of "Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life".



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