Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Life and Times of Australopithecus - a colloquium @CSUF this Monday

As the semester winds down, we have a special treat on campus this Monday, when the Biology colloquium series winds down for the semester with a lecture by paleoanthropologist Dr. Kaye Reed, of the Institute of Human Origin at Arizona State University, on "The Life and Times of Australopithecus" . This lecture is co-sponsored by the Tri-Beta Biological Honors Society and the Consortium for Evolutionary Studies at CSU-Fresno, and is part of our ongoing series celebrating Darwin Bicentennial year. Dr. Reed has been working in Ethiopia and other parts of Africa, places where some of the most important and exciting hominin fossils (such as the famous Australopithecine, Lucy seen in the reconstructed portrait here) have been discovered. Her specialization is paleoecology with a focus on reconstructing the ecological communities within which our own lineage evolved. So it should be a very exciting lecture - I hope to see you there (especially if you are taking one of my classes!)!

Spatiotemporal coordinates: Monday, May 4, 2009 @3:00PM in Room 109 of Science II building, CSU-Fresno (of course!).

Website for additional details: Darwin's Bulldogs.



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