Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A new online collaborative learning space, and a scholarship opportunity

Via email from the Nature Publishing Group I just got word of a new online resource they've developed to help students learn genetics, and perhaps for teachers to teach the subject as well. Scitable is the NPG's new collaborative learning space for science, bringing together a library of scientific overviews with a worldwide community of scientists, researchers, teachers, and students. What's more, Scitable is even (for the moment, I hope forever) free! The first topic area with substantial content now online there is Genetics. Given how much time I spend on population genetics in my Evolution class, this promises to be a good resource for students needing a refresher to keep up with the class. And perhaps my colleagues teaching Genetics will find it useful as well.

And for students checking it out right now, there is also a scholarship being offered:

As a way of introducing students to Scitable, we are running a "Portrait of My DNA" contest that allows students to compete for one of three scholarships. ...

If the first place student is referred by you, your department will receive an additional scholarship of equal value to give to the student of your choice. You can learn more about the contest at

So students, if you are still reading this blog even though the semester is over (for you anyway, although I'm still grading!), check the website out, and throw your hat in for the scholarship.


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