Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Darwin's Legacy: introduction to a course from Stanford University

On NCSE's Facebook page this morning I discovered a link to this wonderful series of lectures on Darwin's Legacy put together as a continuing education course by Stanford University in fall 2008. I will post the whole series here, since it has recently become available online. Or you can get a jump start and go to the source: watch the whole thing in YouTube videos like the one above on Academic Earth or download it to your favorite portable device by downloading it from iTunes U.

While we don't have Stanford's resources or reach, as you may know, we are nevertheless also hosting our own modest Evolutionary Biology Lecture Series under the umbrella of the Consortium for Evolutionary Studies at California State University, Fresno this year. And as some of you may remember, we had NCSE's Dr. Eugenie Scott speaking on campus last month; she's also featured as the second talk in the Stanford course. This friday we'll learn about the evolution of the vertebrate blood coagulation system from Dr. Russell Doolittle of UC San Diego. Join us if you can, or come back here for videos/podcasts - I will try to record and post as many as I can.

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Amanda November 4, 2013 at 6:36 AM  

Look at the fossil record.there is no transitional forms.Darwin had counted on them being found.there is many more problems with this "theory "Amanda Vanderpool CEO


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