Friday, January 15, 2010

Did the Pier 39 Sea Lions disappear because of 20th anniversary blues?

Perhaps they skipped town because they got wind of a party being thrown to mark the 20th anniversary of their taking over San Francisco's Pier 39. I imagine it could be depressing for these wonderful creatures of the open sea to realize that they've spent almost 20 years hanging out in an urban tourist trap! And not merely hang out, but actually become the bait in that tourist trap... yikes! Surely that's reason enough to hightail it out of there?!

All kidding aside, back on shore, someone over at the Marine Mammal Center has got to be wondering why on earth no one thought of tagging some of these beasts! You know, with one of them GPS transponder things so they could have kept track of them at times like these. Did no one ever think the animals might just take off some day, as abruptly as they had appeared?

Meanwhile, they had to postpone the anniversary party to a later date when, hopefully, the guests of honor will actually deign to be present! I sure hope they do return...

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