Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NOVA | Darwin's Darkest Hour

While the big cinema treatment of Darwin's great pause in publishing "On the Origin of Species" may never make it down to theatres in our neck of the woods, out here in California's Central Valley (not a big market for stories about Darwin, it seems!), the above version on PBS' Nova was actually quite compelling. Having read some mixed reviews of Creation (although most reviews have been positive), I wonder if this televisual treatment may actually be superior in capturing the remarkable intellectual ferment behind Darwin's work. Rather than the movie's dramatic emphasis (from what I've read) on the emotional drama of Darwin's life after the death of little Annie, this Nova biopic choses to focus more on the intellectual turmoil (without downplaying the emotional turmoil at all), and even has Charles and Emma going back and forth in a very compelling way as he develops his arguments. If you're fortunate to be living in a place where Creation was released in theatres (or have managed to score a copy to view somehow), I'd love to know what you think: how does this compare?

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